A Successful day of hunting or fishing should not be about what you put in the back of your truck or on your stringer, but rather how many memories with Family and Friends you fill your heart with.


Shane was born in South Florida and seems like from the time he was born he had a love of Hunting and Fishing. He was blessed to have family who would invest their time in him, like his Dad who would spend afternoons shooting guns, Grandparents who would take him fishing, and his Uncle who would take him Whitetail Deer hunting where that Passion has continued to grow. Shane has had the opportunity to be apart of the growing Outdoor Industry for almost 15 years. In his own words here how

BitterSweet Outdoors was founded.


“I have had the opportunity to be around great individuals in the Outdoors and have seen things grow beyond imagination. In that growth it seems that we have lost focus on the reason why we love being in the Outdoors. It’s the Memories with Friends and Family seeing smiles, sharing hugs, and not belittling the Legal animal that was killed. We need more Congratulations and Less Condemnation, more Thumbs Up and Less Thumbs Down. We have forgotten that there are more times we go hunting and fishing that we don’t see, kill, or catch anything, but that shouldn’t ever be considered an unsuccessful time afield. We forget the True Trophies of the Hunt and that’s the Memories.


BitterSweet Outdoors is not a typical Brand that is all about always Killing or Catching, but rather spending time with the individuals we love, or time to ourselves, focused on filling our Hearts with memories and not always filling our Trucks (That’s just Icing on the Cake). Sometimes Hunting is Bitter and sometimes Hunting is Sweet, but it should always be fun”.